KDi Leads the Way

Making Change that Matters a Tangible Asset


There are probably enough books on change to encircle the earth.



KDi Asia and Americas are taking a different approach.  Our seminal book Leading Change that Matters in English and Spanish, combines inspiration and strategies we have proven will work for you.

Our global team is diverse and present in Asia, Africa and The Americas, believing that we are defined by the people  who trust us.  While all our engagements are high touch, we are committed to providing publications that support you with ideas and strategies when we are not sitting across the table from you.

Navigating Change

Rather than rest on our laurels,  we have initiated Navigating Change: a Companion Series, designed to provide strategies and examples for senior managers who are mandated to ensure project success in increasingly challenging and fast paced situations.

Check out our Spotlight page where are proud to introduce the first in this new series, authored by Harold Ainsworth.

Then visit Amazon to order his book.

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