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Global Team Bonding and Cupcakes

Written: October 11, 2014, by Nancy Harkrider

Rosa Mollo_team exerciseNo question that digital collaborations make the work of global teams possible. It’s also a given that those teams usually experience trust leading to meaningful bonding when they have shared a physical space.

Who knew that the focus for our … Read More

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What makes a global CHANGE team successful?

Written: September 16, 2014, by Nancy Harkrider

Five members of Knowledge Drivers International Asia and The Americas global teams are converging on New York the first week of October. We are planning a “real time” blog event at the end of a full business day by asking … Read More

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How can leaders build trust?

Written: June 23, 2014, by Nancy Harkrider

Change_building trustOne of the challenges of leading change that is “owned” by everyone up and down the organization is to create a sense of safety for people to be open about their concerns — a critical element of sustainable change.

This … Read More

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What does Change that Matters really mean?

Written: April 17, 2014, by Nancy Harkrider


change aheadMy partner Kim Leng and I titled our book – Leading Change that Matters.  Our reason for the title was not because it might be considered clever, but because the phrase could mean different things to different people.… Read More

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Reframing Change: What was your defining moment?

Written: February 28, 2014, by Nancy Harkrider

There is no more powerful way to begin any collaboration than to share our stories.  Stories are the DNA of the human Lighting the fireexperience.   It is how we make sense of our important life events and the questions they inspire – … Read More

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WELCOME: Join us as we reframe the way we lead change

Written: February 23, 2014, by Nancy Harkrider

world puzzleGreetings fellow travelers

We are not competing with other blogs about change.  You may have noticed that their numbers are staggering!

This is not a blog in which a guru hands you ideas to consider but doesn’t enter into a … Read More

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