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What makes a global CHANGE team successful?

Written: September 16, 2014, by Nancy Harkrider

Together we will take on the puzzle of change

Together we will take on the puzzle of change

Five members of Knowledge Drivers International Asia and The Americas global teams are converging on New York the first week of October. We are planning a “real time” blog event at the end of a full business day by asking ourselves this very important question.

This becomes more critical as we meet more and more in The Cloud and those experiences are not always heavenly. Distance–significant time zones-cultural differences can be a lethal combination. How has our team managed traction and growth? How can we do it even more successfully? What will success look like and feel like?

How has the global team experience been for you? We would love to hear your stories! And stay tuned for the blog “pop up” on the first Friday in October, with photos documenting our time together-as in really together.

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One response to “What makes a global CHANGE team successful?”

  1. Eugene Reyes says:

    Team-building for me is like cooking a dish. You have different ingredients; some with strong flavor while others are mild and yet distinct. You put them into the pot,some ahead of others, some together, some on their own to season the taste. The heat, regulated throughout from high to low, bonds the different flavor through physical and chemical change, until you have a delectable dish. This is the point when all have become one, forged by masterful mixing of different things and undergoing a common circumstance — the heat. Organizations are made up of different people raised in different villages, different values and with different skill-sets. But the core ethos of the organization, this is the heat that will forge all the members into one, moving in the same direction. A global team has to be cooked in the same pot, to come out as one unique solid team.

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