Join Us as we Reframe the Way we Manage Change

WELCOME: Join us as we reframe the way we lead change

Written: February 23, 2014, by Nancy Harkrider

world puzzleGreetings fellow travelers

We are not competing with other blogs about change.  You may have noticed that their numbers are staggering!

This is not a blog in which a guru hands you ideas to consider but doesn’t enter into a dialogue.  We have invited  a group of collaborators who resonate with passion, energy and a planetary view.

Check out our Digital Campfire on this site   Subscribe and see if our collaborative dialogues resonate with you.  If you like what you are reading,  we hope you will join us as a regular contributor

It’s going to be an exciting journey because none of us has preconceived notions about what we will learn from each other and, just as importantly, what we will discover about ourselves!

Stay tuned!


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One response to “WELCOME: Join us as we reframe the way we lead change”

  1. Lynn Yap says:

    Looking forward to Leading Change that Matters. Most importantly what change matters to you.

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